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This expedition education module focuses on the INDEX 2010: “Indonesia-USA Deep-Sea Exploration of the Sangihe Talaud Region” Expedition.

Expedition Education Module

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Ocean Explorer Expedition Education Modules (EEM) are designed to reach out in new ways to teachers, students, and the general public, and share the excitement of daily at-sea discoveries and the science behind NOAA’s major ocean exploration initiatives with people around the world. The INDEX SATAL 2010 expedition offers a unique opportunity to engage explorers of all ages as we continue our journeys to parts of our ocean planet that no one has seen before - deep-sea habitats in the Sangihe Talaud Region of Indonesia; part of the Coral Triangle, known as the global heart of shallow-water marine biodiversity. This EEM contains the following components:

Expedition Purpose
A summary of why scientists and educators are interested in exploring this area and what we might learn from our efforts in this region as we strive to further understand the 95% of our planet that is virtually unexplored.


Lesson Plans
A collection of inquiry-based and National Science Education Standards-based lesson plans for students in grades 5-12 that have been specifically designed for this expedition. These lessons have also been correlated to the Ocean Literacy Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts. You will also find links to other lesson plans residing on the Ocean Explorer Web site that have been developed for previous NOAA expeditions, and have content that relates to the INDEX SATAL 2010 Expedition.


Expedition Education Fact Sheet (PDF, 1.5 Mb)
NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research has partnered with SeaWorld Indonesia to bring the excitement of the INDEX SATAL 2010 mission to children and other visitors to the facility. An educational brochure and special activity-based fact sheets have been developed to help raise public awareness of the importance of exploring Indonesia’s deep sea. Using the brochure at SeaWorld Indonesia, Indonesian students can promise to become a Duta Samudra, or Sea Scout. In doing so, they will receive a wristband with DUTA SAMUDRA imprinted on it, as they promise to think about Indonesia’s ocean every day, learn something new about the ocean every day, and tell someone else about Indonesia’s deep ocean every day. The Duta Samudra program will kick off during a Camping Under the Sea Program in June when children will have the opportunity to spend the night at SeaWorld Indonesia and snorkel in the main aquarium the next day. The INDEX SATAL Activity-based Fact Sheets are available in both Bahasa Indonesian and English.


camera icon Why Do We Explore? (3.6 Mb)
In this short film three preeminent American ocean explorers share their perspective on why it is so important that science focus on exploring our largely unknown ocean. This presentation is part of an archived online teacher professional development course and lesson plan package. The full content of the course can be found at External Link. This course was offered Oct. 5-16, 2009 and June 21-July 2, 2010. The associated Why Do We Explore? lessons can also be found at

Ocean Explorers: Keynote Address
Dr. Charles Fisher
Dr. Shirley Pomponi
Dr. Edie Widder


Multimedia Discovery Missions
Click on the links to Lessons 1, 3, 5, 6, and 12 for interactive multimedia presentations and Learning Activities on Plate Tectonics, Deep-Sea Corals, Chemosynthesis and Hydrothermal Vent Life, Deep-Sea Benthos, and Food, Water, and Medicine from the Sea.


OceanAGE Ocean Career Connections
To see archived video and online Web chats between students and scientists, highlighting some of the careers that will be represented onboard ship during this expedition, click on the links below.

Diamond Icon Deep-sea Biologist
Diamond Icon Geophysicist
Diamond Icon Microbiologist


Other Resources and Links
A list of other resources and links related to this expedition for you to explore.

For More Information Contact:

Paula Keener
Education Director
NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research

Other lesson plans developed for this Web site are available in the Education Section.