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What Is 'Omics?

'Omics describes a suite of cutting-edge tools used to analyze DNA, RNA, proteins, or metabolites. Many 'Omics approaches are faster, less invasive, and more comprehensive than traditional methods. Advances in 'Omics have revolutionized biological study, benefitting many fields including public health, medicine, agriculture, and conservation. For NOAA, techniques such as high-throughput DNA sequencing and subsequent bioinformatics analyses can be harnessed to benefit a myriad of national priorities including fisheries management, aquaculture development, food and water safety, species and habitat conservation, seafood consumer protection, biodiversity monitoring, and natural products discovery. Continued investment in NOAA 'Omics will aid operational efficiency, ecosystem assessments and forecasts, and the U.S. Blue Economy.

'Omics Applications Support the Bioeconomy

Toxic and green looking body of water


Against toxic, invasive, and pathogenic species

Ocean with a whale surfacing


Ecosystem services delivered through species & habitats (including climate resilience)

Aquaculture pens


Communities through fishing, aquaculture, biodiscovery

Close-up of micro-organisms


Efficiency by faster delivery of products and cost savings

NOAA Ocean Exploration is responsible for the coordination of 'Omics activities within NOAA Research and reports to the NOAA Science Council. This page provides background information on 'Omics, news and updates relevant to NOAA Research 'Omics work, and contacts for additional information.

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