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Thank you for your interest in NOAA Ocean Exploration. Here you can find information about our media resources and learn how to access multimedia content to help you build your story.

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About Us

NOAA Ocean Exploration is the only federal program dedicated to exploring our deep ocean, closing the prominent gap in our basic understanding of U.S. deep waters and seafloor and delivering the ocean information needed to strengthen the economy, health, and security of our nation.

Using the latest tools and technology, we explore previously unknown areas of our deep ocean, making discoveries of scientific, economic, and cultural value. Through live video streams, online coverage, training opportunities, and real-time events, NOAA Ocean Exploration allows scientists, resource managers, students, members of the general public, and others to actively experience ocean exploration, expanding available expertise, cultivating the next generation of ocean explorers, and engaging the public in exploration activities. To better understand our ocean, we make exploration data available to the public. This allows us, collectively, to more effectively maintain ocean health, sustainably manage our marine resources, accelerate our national economy, and build a better appreciation of the value and importance of the ocean in our everyday lives.

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Media Releases and Advisories

On this page, you can access media releases and advisories distributed by NOAA Ocean Exploration and partners regarding expeditions we have e led or supported, as well as opportunities, discoveries, and more.

Expedition-specific Media Resources

Many expeditions, including those on NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer, that are covered on this website have individual media resources pages that provide additional information such as overviews of expedition goals, objectives, and participant and access to additional images and video. If an expedition has a media resources web page, the page will be linked to in the right-hand column of the expedition web pages.

Social Media

For updates on NOAA Ocean Exploration activities, you can follow us on Twitter , like us on Facebook , follow us on Instagram , or subscribe to our YouTube channel .

Images and Videos

Usage and Credit

Most of the images and video collected during our ocean exploration expeditions are in the public domain, meaning they are free to use without restrictions or additional permissions.

For images and videos posted on this website, we ask that you include the credit information included in the caption associated with each image or video. If space is limited, please credit NOAA Ocean Exploration (preferred) or NOAA.

A limited number of images and videos posted on the website are copyrighted. If the image caption includes the word "copyright," additional permissions are required for use. Contact us for help getting the required permissions.

Image and Video Access

Images and videos are available via the resources listed below. If you need assistance in finding something specific, feel free to contact us.

Expedition-specific Images and Videos

Many of the expeditions covered on this website have an Image and Video Gallery web page that includes all images and videos posted in association with a specific expedition.


Image Gallery

This page provides some of the best images from expeditions over the years, including images of corals, fish, jellies, and other marine life, as well as images of technology, multibeam bathymetry, explorers, and more. The gallery is updated on a rolling basis, as expeditions are completed.


Video Playlist

This page includes some of the best video content from NOAA Ocean Exploration expeditions over the years, organized by category.

Live Video

When NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer is underway on an expedition, this page will broadcast live video streams from the ship. What is being shown on the different video streams may change depending on the exploration and operations.

NOAA Ocean Exploration Video Portal

The NOAA Ocean Exploration Video Portal allows users to search, discover, and access video data collected from the remotely operated vehicle system on NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer as well as other expeditions supported by NOAA Ocean Exploration. The Portal provides previews of videos, the ability to download low-resolution and ProRes versions of videos, and access to details about when and where video was collected, including downloadable dive summaries and links to any associated web coverage. All video on the Portal is in the public domain and should be credited to NOAA Ocean Exploration.

Image and Video Sizes and Resolution

For images on this website, the largest version of the image available can be downloaded via a link at the end of the image caption. If a link to a larger version is not posted, it is likely not available.

All underwater images collected during Okeanos Explorer expeditions are only available at 72 dpi.

For videos produced on this website, if an HD version of the video is available, it can be downloaded via a link at the end of the video caption.

Underwater footage collected during Okeanos Explorer expeditions (including produced videos and raw, unedited clips) is available in ProRes422 .mov format. You can request ProRes versions via the NOAA Ocean Exploration Video Portal or by contacting us. Note that ProRes versions of video are typically not available until two to three months after the end of an expedition.