Shore-based Participants

Use the information below to participate in an Okeanos Explorer expedition remotely, from shore.

Listserv and Collaboration Tools Account Request
Fill out this form to request an account needed to access NOAA's Office of Ocean Exploration and Research Okeanos Explorer Collaboration tools (FTP site, instant messaging). These tools will allow you to remotely participate in a telepresence-enabled cruise for the upcoming field season.


2018 Planning: SeaSketch Survey Tutorial
This section contains information on using SeaSketch to provide input into Okeanos Explorer 2018 planning efforts.


2017 Data and Products Overview
A list and descriptions of data and products to be developed and made available during a cruise for operational purposes, and quality assured products and data to be developed and made available after the cruise.


Real-time Audio and Video
While the Okeanos Explorer is at sea, live video is streamed from the ship to shore. This section contains information on how to view the video streaming from the ship and instructions to set up two-way communications with the vessel.


Science Annotations
During 2017 field operations, OER will be working closely with Ocean Network Canada (ONC) to improve ROV Video annotations. This section provides details about using SeaScribe: a web-based real time annotation tool and SeaTube: a video viewer and annotation interface.


EX FTP Server and Chat Room
The FTP site serves as a repository for Okeanos Explorer data for current cruises. The primary purpose of the FTP site is to make data collected by the ship available to shore-based personnel. It can also be used during the cruise planning process to share large, pre-existing data files (e.g. > 5MB). Please refer to the EX FTP Server page to learn how to access the server and to upload and download data.


Data Access
This section contains information about how to access data collected by the Okeanos Explorer after it has been upload to the NOAA archives.


Collaboration Tools Training
This is an introduction to the Collaboration tools used by Okeanos Explorer, the Nation’s only federal ship dedicated to Ocean Exploration.







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