April 28, 2020: Rebroadcast

Sorry you missed our rebroadcast of the dive. To learn more about the dive, however, check out the links below.

Mountains in the Deep: Exploring the Central Pacific Basin

Dive 05: Jarvis Island

Date: May 5, 2017
Location: 00°, 23.977' S ; 159°, 57.967' W
Dive Depth Range:819 meters (2,687 feet)

During the Mountains in the Deep: Exploring the Central Pacific Basin expedition, on May 5, 2017, we explored a ridge off the southeast side of Jarvis Island, within the Jarvis Island Unit of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument. The dive was stunning for biology, both in terms of abundance and diversity of life. While transiting up the ridge, at each new depth range, we encountered a new high-density community. Seeing one high-density community in the deep seafloor is usually something to get excited about, but the team saw six different, distinct communities during the dive, which is exceptionally rare and truly amazing. Communities included deep-sea corals, crinoids, urchins, sea cucumbers, and more. We also observed several unusual animals, as well as common animals behaving in rarely seen ways.

During the dive, one of the scientists participating from shore exclaimed, “this is the most fantastic thing I have ever seen!” Don’t miss it as we replay this spectacular dive!