Exploring the Submerged New World 2012: Mission Logs

July 25 Video Log
camera icon July 25 Video Log
Divers had success early on sampling bedrock chert at Unit 2 of the Brownstone site, but their work came to an abrupt halt when a large wave swamped one of the dredge engines. Unable to use the dredge, scientists decided to spend the rest of the day surveying the site and collecting their tools before heading back to shore for an early conclusion to the expedition.

July 24 Video Log
camera icon July 24 Video Log
The Submerged New World team continued to face thunderstorms which pelted them with heavy rains, high winds, and large swells. During a break in the weather, divers were able to recover and unclog the dredge hose, and eventually mark a new excavation point within the Brownstone site.

July 24 Log
July 24: Forging Ahead at Brownstone
Our fifth day out to sea was once again filled with challenges that our group overcame by working together, in conjunction with the crew of the R/V Wheatherbird II. Mother natures’ wrath poured upon us throughout the morning..

July 23 Video Log
camera icon July 23 Video Log
Bad weather forced the team to repair one of the dredge engines and replace the datum post at the Brownstone site.

July 23 Log
July 23: Storm Squalls and Knappable Stone
The afternoon was far more productive than the morning. The small storm cells had passed and we were able to complete all necessary dredge repairs (refitting an engine and combining two 100 ft hoses) and put divers in the water to redeploy the dredge hose.

July 22 Log
July 22: Working at Brownstone
July 22nd proved to be a testing day. Initial probing of our excavation area indicated the sand deposit was very thin above the bedrock so we decided to move our excavation loci. We are still at the Brownstone site, but have identified new square meters to excavate in search of submerged cultural resources.

July 21 Log
July 21: First Days Out
The R/V Weatherbird II officially set sail on July 20th at approximately 4 pm for the offshore, underwater expedition. Our first destination is approximately 20 miles off the mouth of the Suwannee River, a 12 hour trip from St. Petersburg.

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