Call for Input: NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer 2024 Hawai’i and Johnston Atoll Expeditions

As part of our community-driven exploration model, NOAA Ocean Exploration invites you to submit exploration recommendations for mapping and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) operations on NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer.

NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer 2024 Hawai’i and Johnston Atoll Expeditions

These expeditions will contribute to the Beyond the Blue: Illuminating the Pacific campaign. This multiyear, multiplatform collaborative regional campaign focuses on raising collective knowledge and understanding of U.S. and international waters in the Pacific Islands, which have been identified as priority for exploration and characterization. By responding to this call for input with mapping requests and dive target areas for NOAA Ocean Exploration to consider in the design of upcoming expeditions, you may be able to contribute to the campaign and advance your own scientific interests.

In 2024, Okeanos Explorer’s schedule will feature a series of expeditions to the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, the Johnston Atoll unit of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, and other areas within the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone around the Hawaiian Islands. In April 2024, Okeanos Explorer will transit from the U.S. West Coast to Honolulu and will spend five months conducting mapping operations. Learn more about planned operations in the 2024 Expeditions Overview (pdf, 6.6 MB) .

Due date for exploration recommendations:

  • March 15, 2024.

Please provide your recommendations through NOAA Ocean Exploration’s Survey123 Mapping and ROV call for input forms. Survey123 is a web-based GIS tool powered by ArcGIS Online that allows users to submit their input by drawing on a map that shows our general operating areas, previous surveys, managed areas, and regional maritime boundaries. Users can also submit areas of interest in .zip folders containing geospatial files via a document upload area in the forms. For help developing and submitting your recommendations, review the instructions for using Survey123 as well as Okeanos Explorer's operational capabilities (pdf, 8.11 MB).

Following consideration of all submissions, NOAA Ocean Exploration will design the 2024 field seasons to address the identified priorities.

If your request contains sensitive underwater cultural heritage data or information, please email it directly to for review by NOAA Ocean Exploration's Marine Archaeologist, Phil Hartmeyer.

Please note that submission does not guarantee that NOAA Ocean Exploration will be able to act on your recommendations. All recommendations will be balanced with other NOAA Ocean Exploration and community priorities. Recommendations will be distributed across the expedition schedule and will be refined during collaborative planning conference calls.

NOAA Ocean Exploration encourages anyone who submits recommendations to join expeditions of interest as a member of the shore-based science team.

If you need help with your submission or an individual expedition, contact Trish Albano, Expedition Manager, at If you wish to further discuss science interests, please contact NOAA Ocean Exploration's Science Advisor for the campaign, Brian Kennedy, at

We value your input and look forward to your participation in our upcoming expeditions.

Published February 15, 2024
Last updated April 5, 2024