From Surface to Seafloor: Exploration of the Water Column

Ocean Explorer: From Surface to Seafloor: Exploration of the Water Column (March 4-5, 2017)

Dates: 4-5 March 2017

Location: Honolulu, HI

Venue: UH Manoa Campus Center , room 308

Facilitators: Amanda N. Netburn, Doug Harper

The workshop From Surface to Seafloor: Exploration of the Water Column is a two-day workshop to convene expert scientists, technologists, and program leaders to discuss the future of ocean exploration in the water column environment. The goal of this workshop is to propel the exploration community beyond the current spatial, temporal, and technological limits of water column science. Products that will come out of this workshop are a workshop report including a prioritized list of exploration objectives, protocol recommendations, and future opportunities for water column exploration. The workshop report will synthesize the key questions and recommendations of the expert group, and be essential to informing national ocean exploration efforts in terms of current and long-term goals and priorities. It will help guide future funding opportunity announcements and be informative for designing pilot projects. This effort will help initiate a new era of collaborative exploration activities in the water column.

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