Sailing Participants

This page includes important information for team members sailing on Okeanos expeditions.

Cruise-specific Links
Important information for specific cruises contained in living documents that should be checked often for updates.


Contact Information
Please provide basic contact information by completing this form 30 days prior to sailing.


Travel Form
Please provide information about your travel plans by completing this form two weeks prior to sailing.


Medical Instructions
All personnel sailing on NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer are required to submit two medical forms 30 days prior to sailing to obtain clearance to sail.


Sailing Guide
Prior to arriving to the ship, please review this information that will help keep you safe while making the most of your sailing experience aboard NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer.


Foreign National Guest Forms and Information
This document describes NOAA procedures for foreign national visitors and guests' access to NOAA facilities and includes the forms that must be submitted by foreign national guests and their sponsors prior to sailing.














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