New Website Brings Deep-Ocean Exploration Imagery and Lessons to Educators and Public

June 08, 2021

Take a quick tour through the Deep Ocean Education Project website with this video! Video courtesy of the Deep Ocean Education Project. Download (mp4, 146 MB).

For the first time, three leaders in ocean exploration have brought together engaging ocean education materials and visual resources. Developed through a partnership with NOAA Ocean Exploration, Ocean Exploration Trust, and Schmidt Ocean Institute, the Deep Ocean Education Project  website combines standards-aligned student activities, high-resolution images and videos, stories from the field, and information needed to stay current on ocean exploration expeditions—making learning about the deep-sea accessible to all. Visitors to the website can save resources directly to a collection that they build and organize with a free account and share their collections directly with colleagues or friends.

The website offers additional ways to connect with the deep sea, including an interactive map, tri-ship calendar, and livestreaming notifications, to make it easy to follow ocean exploration expeditions. There is an events and opportunities page to connect directly with mission teams through live events, classroom programs, professional development workshops, and opportunities to join one of the teams at sea or onshore.

The Deep Ocean Education Project  was created as a collaborative effort to increase access to ocean exploration phenomena and resources featuring selected education resources from each organization. All materials are organized by key ocean topics and can be searched using filters for grade level, resource type, and U.S. Next Generation Science Standards. Added to the site are a number of new classroom activities that combine multimedia resources and discoveries into classroom investigations that explore key ocean phenomena and/or problems and incorporate current pedagogical practices.

Visit the site at .

About the Organizations

NOAA Ocean Exploration is the only federal organization dedicated to exploring the deep ocean. They work with partners to explore the ocean to make discoveries of scientific, economic, and cultural value; support innovations in exploration tools and capabilities; and encourage the next generation of ocean explorers, scientists, and engineers to pursue careers in ocean exploration and related fields. The office also actively works with partners to expand the national ocean exploration program.

Ocean Exploration Trust  was founded in 2008 by Dr. Robert Ballard to explore the ocean; seeking out new discoveries in the fields of geology, biology, maritime history, and archaeology; and to advance ocean exploration. Ocean Exploration Trust’s international programs center on the scientific exploration of the seafloor; innovating new ways and technologies to conduct exploration; and engaging and educating the next generation on the significance of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) and their relationship to ocean science.

Schmidt Ocean Institute  was created by Eric and Wendy Schmidt in 2009 to enable research that expands understanding of the world’s ocean using advanced technology, intelligent observation, and the open sharing of information. Each year, the organization invites select scientific teams from around the world to carry out collaborative oceanographic research and technology development aboard its 272-foot research vessel Falkor, launched in 2012.

The website was created in cooperation with the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, funded by NOAA Ocean Exploration and NOAA Education.