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This page contains photos and videos taken during the 2004 Gulf of Alaska Seamount Expedition that took place July 30 - August 23, 2004. Click on any image to view a larger version and for additional information. If a movie camera icon camera icon is present, a video can be viewed by clicking on the image. Other video formats are available on the linked pages.

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camera icon Video & Slideshows

Carmelina Livingston, Educator -at-Seacamera icon September 29
Carmelina Livingston (mp4, 1.2 MB)

Defensive posture of anglerfishcamera icon September 25
Defensive posture of anglerfish
(mp4, 1.1 MB)

Monitor videocamera icon September 14
Plan for recovering the Monitor's turret
(mp4, 1.2 MB)

Octopuscamera icon September 10
(mp4, 368 KB)










Chapmans Reefcamera icon September 5
3-D rotation of Chapmans Reef (mp4, 616 KB)

Oculina coral camera icon September 4
Oculina coral (mp4, 1.6 MB)

Reef Balls camera icon September 2
Reef Balls (mp4, 1.5 MB)

Deploying PAMS acoustical arraycamera icon September 1
Deploying PAMS acoustical array
(mp4, 1.2 MB)











lanternfish larvaSeptember 29
Lanternfish larva

microscopic sea urchinSeptember 29
Microscopic sea urchin

ocean pressure test resultsSeptember 29
Ocean pressure test results

September 29
Crab collected from the deep ocean









mechanical arm of Johnson Sea LinkSeptember 29
Mechanical arm of Johnson Sea Link

Puffer larvaSeptember 28
Puffer larva

Snake mackeral larvaSeptember 28
Snake mackeral larva

Sponge on rocky substrateSeptember 28
Sponge on rocky substrate









Coral fragments and  mollusc shellsSeptember 28
Coral fragments and mollusc shells

Sand-sized biotaSeptember 28
Sand-sized biota

Attempt to collect rockSeptember 28
Attempt to collect rock

Phosphorite pavementSeptember 28
Phosphorite pavement









Rocky substrate at Charleston BumpSeptember 28
Rocky substrate at Charleston Bump

Students at UCAP school communicating with MOAA scientistSeptember 27
Chain dogfish

Cuban dogfishSeptember 27
Cuban dogfish

Sailfish larvaSeptember 27
Sailfish larva









WreckfishSeptember 27

The food chain at Charleston BumpSeptember 27
The food chain at Charleston Bump

Mid-Atlantic Continental ShelfSeptember 27
Mid-Atlantic Continental Shelf

Pink frogmouth fishSeptember 27
Pink frogmouth fish










Ventral view of batfishSeptember 26
Ventral view of batfish

Dorsal view of batfishSeptember 26
Dorsal view of batfish

Bottom bouldersSeptember 26
Bottom boulders

BarracudaSeptember 26









Roughtongue bassSeptember 26
Roughtongue bass

Olfactory organs on an anglerfishSeptember 25
Olfactory organs on an anglerfish

An anglerfish luring its preySeptember 25
An anglerfish luring its prey

Two species of anglerfishSeptember 25
Two species of anglerfish










Camouflaged anglerfishSeptember 25
Camouflaged anglerfish

Scientists with anglerfishSeptember 25
Scientists with anglerfish

A pencil urchin and red brittlestarsSeptember 24
A pencil urchin and red brittlestars

A conger eelSeptember 24
A conger eel










Lophelia coralSeptember 24
Lophelia coral

Wolf eelpoutSeptember 23
Wolf eelpout

HatchetfishSeptember 23

Bottom-dwelling Galathidae lobsterSeptember 23
Bottom-dwelling Galathidae lobster









"Wall" of anemonesSeptember 23
"Wall" of anemones

Western Atlantic surface currentsSeptember 22
Western Atlantic surface currents

OctopusSeptember 21

Witch flounderSeptember 21
Witch flounder









Sloping muddy sedimentsSeptember 21
Sloping muddy sediments

North Carolina Shelf study areasSeptember 21
North Carolina Shelf study areas

September 20

Mid-water Sergestidae shrimpSeptember 20
Mid-water Sergestidae shrimp









Water spoutSeptember 14
Water spout

Recovering the CleliaSeptember 13
Recovering the Clelia

Hauling in a fish trapSeptember 10
Hauling in a fish trap

Variety of spongesSeptember 10
Variety of sponges









Shelf edge reef communitySeptember 10
Shelf edge reef community

Rock sample from Savannah ScarpSeptember 10
Rock sample from Savannah Scarp

Greater amberjack and archeri spongesSeptember 10
Greater amberjack and archeri sponges

Starfish from Savannah ScarpSeptember 9
Starfish from Savannah Scarp









Unknown spongeSeptember 9
Unknown sponge

Rock outcrop and scamp grouperSeptember 9
Rock outcrop and scamp grouper

Rock as habitatSeptember 9
Rock as habitat

Closeup of limestone rockSeptember 9
Closeup of limestone rock










Collecting sample of limestoneSeptember 9
Collecting sample of limestone

Sharptail eelSeptember 8
Sharptail eel

Three species of fishSeptember 8
Blue angelfish and red snapper

Blue angelfish and red snapperSeptember 8
Three species of fish










Amberjack and snapperSeptember 8
Amberjack and snapper

Star fish and sea whipSeptember 7< size="1">
Star fish and sea whip

School of greater amberjacksSeptember 7
School of greater amberjacks

Deploying CleliaSeptember 7
Deploying Clelia










Map of Savannah Scarp dive sitesSeptember 7
Map of Savannah Scarp dive sites

Clelia submersibleSeptember 6
Clelia submersible

R/V Seward Johnson IISeptember 6
R/V Seward Johnson II

Students at seaSeptember 5
Students at sea










Dead intact Oculina coral September 5
Dead intact Oculina coral

Oculina coral rubbleSeptember 5
Oculina coral rubble

Trawl tracksSeptember 5
Trawl tracks

Oculina coral headSeptember 5
Oculina coral head










Red star fishSeptember 4
Red star fish

John Reed emerging from the Clelia subSeptember 4
John Reed emerging from the Clelia sub

Brown-striped brittlestarsSeptember 4
Brown-striped brittlestars

Giant red brittlestaSeptember 4
Giant red brittlestar









Oculina sample from Sebastian's ReefSeptember 3
Oculina sample from Sebastian's Reef

Close up of Oculina varicosaSeptember 3
Close up of Oculina varicosa

Intact Oculina coral at Jeff's ReefSeptember 3
Intact Oculina coral at Jeff's Reef

Dome-shaped reef ballsSeptember 2
Dome-shaped reef balls









Concrete block "reef balls"September 2
Concrete block "reef balls"

Stages of Oculina coral decaySeptember 2
Stages of Oculina coral decay

Oculina coral rubble at Sebastian's ReefSeptember 2
Oculina coral rubble at Sebastian's Reef

Retrieving PAMS from Jeff's ReefSeptember 1
Retrieving PAMS from Jeff's Reef









PAMS scientistsSeptember 1
PAMS scientists

Blue angelfish and Oculina coralAugust 31
Blue angelfish and Oculina coral

Scamp grouperAugust 31
Scamp grouper

Oculina coral thicketAugust 31
Oculina coral thicket










Fathometer reading in Eau Gallie regionAugust 30
Fathometer reading in Eau Gallie region

Side scan sonar of Eau Gallie regionAugust 30
Side scan sonar of Eau Gallie region

Ophioderma brittlestarAugust 30
Ophioderma brittlestar

Four species of brittlestarsAugust 30
Four species of brittlestars










Gag grouper in Oculina coralAugust 30
Gag grouper in Oculina coral

School of greater amberjackAugust 30
School of greater amberjack

Greateer amberjackAugust 30
Greateer amberjack

Oculina coral head at Jeff's ReefAugust 29
Oculina coral head at Jeff's Reef










Oculina varicosa from Oculina BankAugust 29
Oculina varicosa from Oculina Bank

Clelia submersible after recoveryAugust 29
Clelia submersible after recovery

Phantom ROV used on Oculina BankAugust 29
Phantom ROV used on Oculina Bank









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