Deep-sea Corals

Deep-sea Corals

Student Investigation:

Feeding the Million Mounds of Deep-Sea Coral

Grade Level:

6 - 8th grade (Life Science/Ecosystem Dynamics)

Lesson Description:

The Million Mounds coral region, located off the coasts of Georgia and Florida, is one of the largest, continuous stretches of deep-sea corals on Earth (that we know of). The large coral mounds in this region have been growing for hundreds of thousands of years.This investigation features maps, images, and videos from expeditions that explored the Million Mounds coral region. Students analyze and interpret data from the region, including currents and plankton movement to explain the deep-sea phenomenon: How do the deep-sea corals in the Million Mounds coral region get the food they need to grow and reproduce?


Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): 
  • Performance Expectation: MS-LS2-1
  • Disciplinary Core Ideas: LS2.A: Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems
Ocean Literacy Essential Principles: 
  • Principle 1: FC c
  • Principle 5: FCs f, g
  • Principle 7: FC a