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The Web links below are provided for informational purposes only. Links outside of Ocean Explorer have been checked at the time of this page's publication, but the linking sites may become outdated or non-operational over time.

http://oceanexplorer.noaa.gov/explorations/11bermuda/welcome.html – Web site for the Bermuda Deep Water Caves 2011: Dives of Discovery Expedition

http://celebrating200years.noaa.gov/edufun/book/welcome.html#book External Link - A free printable book for home and school use introduced in 2004 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of NOAA; nearly 200 pages of lessons focusing on the exploration, understanding, and protection of Earth as a whole system

S. Koenemann, and T. M. Iliffe. 2009. The Atlántida 2008 Cave Diving Expedition. Mar Biodiv 39:153.

H. Wilkens, T. M. Iliffe, P. Oromí, A. Martínez, T. N. Tysall, and S. Koenemann. 2009. The Corona lava tube, Lanzarote: geology, habitat diversity and biogeography. Mar Biodiv 39:155–167.

L.A. Gilbert, R. E. McDuff, and H. P. Johnson. 2007. Porosity of the upper edifice of Axial Seamount. Geology 35(1): 49-52.

www.tamug.edu/cavebiology/index2.html exit icon External Link - Web site, Anchialine Caves and Cave Fauna of the World.

www.goodearthgraphics.com/virtcave/index.html exit icon External Link - Kids Page on the Minerals Management Service Web site, with posters, teaching guides and other resources on various marine science topics

T. M. Iliffe, 1986. The zonation model for the evolution of aquatic faunas in anchialine caves. Stygologia 2:2-9.

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