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Educational Resources

OceanAGE Careers
Interact with some of the talented explorers who study the ocean world. From underwater pilots to research scientists, these marine mentors will provide students with first-hand knowledge of exciting careers through their video interviews, profiles, and mission logs. Join us for live webchats, interactive video webcasts, and text-based forums with several ocean explorers.

NOAA Ocean Explorer Web Site Tutorial
Take a tour of our award-winning Web site. This short slide presentation will guide you through the key elements of the site, and emphasize those pieces particularly suitable for teachers to use in the classroom.

NOAA Ocean Explorer Field Season CD
Download the 2005 Field Season CD, which contains information posted on the Ocean Explorer Web site during each field season, including essays, daily logs, photos, videos, educational resources and lesson plans. Look for new filed season CDs coming in the future.

Ocean Challenge Puzzle
Team up with other players around the globe or your classroom to solve the puzzle. Help the group by revealing one more piece of the hidden picture.

CoRIS Glossary
This glossary contains nearly 3,000 technical terms, with their definitions, explanations, and illustrative materials where appropriate. The aim of the Coral Reef Information System (CoRIS) glossary is to help the student or layperson, as well as the professional scientist and manager, to understand the complex language and terminology of coral reef ecosystem science.

The Smithsonian Ocean Portal exit icon External Link
The "OP" portal, created in collaboration with organizations including NOAA, contains dynamic, multi-media content designed to engage young adults, ocean enthusiasts, and middle school teachers and their students in ocean science, education, and conservation.