reason #3

Good management of ocean resources is critical, but we can’t manage what we don’t know.

The ocean is an interconnected network of animals, plants, rocks, and other structures. When a change happens to one component of an ocean ecosystem, it can have dramatic impacts on the ecosystem as a whole. We depend on the ocean for the many services it provides. We can unintentionally set an ecosystem off balance without even knowing it simply by using marine resources such as seafood and energy. Resource managers and ocean users alike need environmental information to make good decisions.

We need to be careful and conservative in how we use our ocean and its resources to ensure future generates can do the same. Careful practice requires good management that balances use, enjoyment, and protection. But if we don’t know what’s out there, how can we manage it?

By exploring unknown reaches of the ocean and putting gained intelligence into the hands of management and regulatory communities, exploration helps to ensure that the ocean is not just managed, but managed in a sustainable way.

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