Characterizing the Unknown: A National Ocean Exploration Forum 2015, held on November 19-20, 2015, at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, will be the third in a series of annual symposia focused on establishing a formal, dedicated national strategy and program of ocean exploration as called for in the statute authorizing NOAA’s ocean exploration program. The cusk eel, Leucicorus lusciosus (Garman, 1899). The cruise’s major finding was that the new coral area discovered in 2014 was twice as large as we thought. Again, we found large areas of the plate coral Agaricia dominated by small recruits (10 cm or less in size). We believe this is indicative of a very significant recruitment during the last five years, following what is still an unexplained decline in corals at Pulley Ridge. Beach at the village of Barrow, with artificial berm. A ctenophore with long tentacles was documented not far off the bottom at Southernmost Cone.
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