Live video: Discovering the Deep: Exploring Remote Pacific MPAs On March 10, 2017, the second dive of the expedition, two sixgill sharks are seen swimming together. Scientists were able to tell that the sharks were a male and female pair. NOAA Ship <em>Okeanos Explorer</em> is dependent on satellites to allow us to share our dives live with the world. Unfortunately, no matter how powerful the radio signal is that the satellite sends to the ship, the sun is more powerful – sometimes even blocking our signal and pretending us from sending video to shore. If you tune into the live feeds and start watching early, sometimes you will see this weird rectangular object with colors and black bars. Read on to learn what this is for. What is the first thing you need when exploring a mysterious part of the ocean? Well, good maps of the area of course!
New generation of underwater drones makes waves for citizen scientists

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New generation of underwater drones makes waves for "citizen scientists."

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