Ocean Exploration 2020 Speakers

On July 19 and July 20, the speakers listed below set the framework for discussions that will shape the future of ocean exploration as part of the Ocean Exploration 2020: A National Forum. Ocean explorers from around the globe were invited to attend Ocean Exploration 2020 at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California. Ocean scientists, explorers, and enthusiasts not in attendance are invited to participate online.


A Marketplace of Ideas for Ocean Exploration 2020 Speakers

Marcia McNutt

Marcia McNutt, Editor-in-Chief of Science Magazine, Ocean Exploration 2020 Executive Chair

Robert Detrick

Robert Detrick, Assistant Administrator for NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research

Chris German

Chris German, Chief Scientist for Deep Submergence, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Dawn Wright

Dawn Wright, Chief Scientist, Esri

Kate Moran

Kate Moran, Director, Neptune Canada

Dawn Wright

Dawn Wright, Chief Scientist, Esri

Jenifer Austin Foulkes

Jenifer Austin Foulkes, Manager, Google Ocean Program


Keynote Speakers

Kathryn Sullivan

Kathryn Sullivan, Acting Administrator, NOAA

Dave Gallo

David Gallo, Director of Special Projects, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Michael Jones

Michael T. Jones, Chief Technology Advocate, Google


Response Panel

James Kendall

Larry Mayer, Director, University of New Hampshire Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping/Joint Hydrographic Research Center; Member, Ocean Exploration Advisory Working Group

Bruce Robison

Bruce Robison, Research Division Chair, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

James Kendall

James Kendall, Alaska Region Director, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management



Jamie Austin

Jamie Austin, Senior Research Scientist, University of Texas; Member, Ocean Exploration Advisory Working Group

Margaret Davidson

Margaret Davidson, Acting Director, NOAA Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management

Patricia Fryer, Ph.D., Research Professor, University of Hawaii

Patricia Fryer, Research Professor, University of Hawaii

Richard Spinrad

Richard Spinrad, Vice President for Research, Oregon State University