Ocean Exploration 2020 in the News

Ocean Exploration 2020 Forum

July 29, 2013: Huffington Post

I recently returned from the Ocean Exploration 2020 Forum, a by-invitation gathering of U.S. ocean exploration leadership, some 75 recognized individuals charged by the U.S. Congress to recommend an oceanographic agenda and specific research goals and objectives to be taken by 2020. Representatives from most of the major American research vessels, ocean institutes, universities with ocean programs, and ocean not-for-profits were present; many attended through the Internet and social media.

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Aquarium of the Pacific hosts 2020 Ocean Exploration Forum and Explorer's Day

July 21, 2013: Examiner.com

Aquarium of the Pacific of Long Beach hosted the inaugural forum of Ocean Explorers and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for the development of a U.S. National Exploration Program.

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What Should We Do With the Blue?

July 20, 2013: National Geographic

44 years ago today, human beings set foot on the moon. It was the result of nearly a decade of intense research, development, and experimentation, and as John F. Kennedy had forseen, it was not easy– it was hard. But it was done.

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Colombiano promueve la creación de programa de exploración del océano en EEUU

July 19, 2013: EFE

El colombiano Santiago Herrera, experto en oceanografía, estudia el fondo del mar en misiones científicas con el fin de lograr descubrimientos que beneficien a la humanidad y asegura que en EE.UU. es necesario crear un amplio programa de exploración del océano.

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Ocean Exploration in the News

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