Ocean Exploration 2020: Photo Contest Finalists: Marine Life

Marine Life: Capture shots of life in the ocean, from mammals, fish, and even plants to the weird and wonderful spineless critters that call the ocean home.

I took this photo last September while surfing with a good friend of mine. It was taken at Long Beach in Rockport, MA. I truly believe that surfers like myself hold some of the deepest appreciation for our oceans; and it's easy to see why from this photo! This photo was taken on a vacation when we lived in the US to Australia. We loved it there so much we ended up moving to the area shortly after the return. This was on a scuba day trip to Opal Reef near Port Douglas. Taken September 18th 2009 It is a Gorgonian / Whip Coral / Alcyonacea that was growing off the reef. There's a really serene beauty to it. Ghost crab on Ossabaw beach, GA in 2009 3-26-13, central Point Loma, California Sheephead The photo was taken in Vancouver, British Columbia in August 2012. This harbor seal is a frequent visitor to the marina. Macro Man-o-war, Physalia physalis, Pyramid Beach, Kaneohe, Hawaii, Feb 2013 So many colors...so many seas


3-26-13, central Point Loma, California Sheephead

California Sheephead

Kristin Riser, San Diego, California

Photo of a California sheephead, taken in central Point Loma on March 26, 2013.


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