Ocean Exploration 2020: Photo Contest Finalists: Marine Life

Marine Life: Capture shots of life in the ocean, from mammals, fish, and even plants to the weird and wonderful spineless critters that call the ocean home.

I took this photo last September while surfing with a good friend of mine. It was taken at Long Beach in Rockport, MA. I truly believe that surfers like myself hold some of the deepest appreciation for our oceans; and it's easy to see why from this photo! This photo was taken on a vacation when we lived in the US to Australia. We loved it there so much we ended up moving to the area shortly after the return. This was on a scuba day trip to Opal Reef near Port Douglas. Taken September 18th 2009 It is a Gorgonian / Whip Coral / Alcyonacea that was growing off the reef. There's a really serene beauty to it. Ghost crab on Ossabaw beach, GA in 2009 3-26-13, central Point Loma, California Sheephead The photo was taken in Vancouver, British Columbia in August 2012. This harbor seal is a frequent visitor to the marina. Macro Man-o-war, Physalia physalis, Pyramid Beach, Kaneohe, Hawaii, Feb 2013 So many colors...so many seas


Ghost crab on Ossabaw beach, GA in 2009

Ghost Crab

Lindsay Gunzburger, Brooklet, Georgia

Ghost crab on Ossabaw Beach, Georgia, in 2009.


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