Other Resources and Links

A list of other resources and links related to this expedition for you to explore.

Daily logs, photos, video clips, and backgrounds essays on the 2002 Davidson Seamount Expedition

http://montereybay.noaa.gov/reports/2002/eco/ocean.html exit icon
Web page from the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary describing the 2002 exploration of the Davidson Seamount.

http://www.mbari.org/ghgases/ exit icon
Web page from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute describing MBARI’s work on the Ocean Chemistry of Greenhouse Gases, including work on the potential effects of ocean sequestration of carbon dioxide.

http://seamounts.edsc.edu/main.html exit icon
Seamounts website sponsored by the National Science Foundation Pickrell, J. 2004.

http://www.mcbi.org/Current_Magazine/Current_Magazine.htm exit icon
A special issue of Current: the Journal of Marine Education on deep-sea corals.

Morgan, L. E. 2005. What are deep-sea corals? Current 21(4):2-4; available online at http://www.mcbi.org/Current_Magazine/What_are_DSC.pdf exit icon

Reed, J. K. and S. W. Ross. 2005. Deep-water reefs off the southeastern U.S.: Recent discoveries and research. Current 21(4):33-37; available online at http://www.mcbi.org/Current_Magazine/Southeastern_US.pdf exit icon

Frame, C. and H. Gillelan. 2005. Threats to deep-sea corals and their conservation in U.S. waters. Current 21(4):46-47; available online at http://www.mcbi.org/Current_Magazine/Threats_Conservation.pdf  exit icon

Roberts, S. and M. Hirshfield. Deep Sea Corals: Out of sight but no longer out of mind. http://www.oceana.org/uploads/oceana_coral_report.pdf exit icon— Background on deep-water coral reefs.

http://www.oceanicresearch.org/  exit icon
The Oceanic Research Group website; lots of photos, but note that they are very explicit about their copyrights; check out “Cnidarians: Simple but Deadly Animals!” by Jonathan Bird, which provides an easy introduction designed for classroom use.

Ocean Explorer photograph gallery.

http://oceanica.cofc.edu/activities.htm exit icon
Project Oceanica website, with a variety of resources on ocean exploration topics.

 exit icon
Trawlers Destroying Deep-Sea Reefs, Scientists Say. National Geographic News.

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