Exploring Puerto Rico’s Seamounts, Trenches, & Troughs

Mission Logs

Follow along as participants in the cruise provide updates and reflections on their experiences, the science, the technology, and other elements of the expedition.

April 30

April 30: The Journey of NG301

NOAA and the U.S. Navy Oceanographic Office began a partnership in 2014 to deploy ocean gliders in the Caribbean to study and record ocean conditions, ocean currents and biological sounds made by marine mammals and many species of reef fish.

April 29

April 29: Off the Cutting Room Floor

We see so many amazing things every day on NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer that it is often difficult to pick which one image to use to summarize the day in the daily updates or what three or four images to use for mission logs.

April 28

April 28: The Gelata of Océano Profundo 2015

During Océano Profundo, we saw a number of exciting gelatinous organisms. I’ve listed some of the most exciting ones here.

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April 27

April 27: Studying Geology Underwater: Landslides, Tsunamis, and Earthquakes

Diving on steep slopes means that commonly we see evidence of slope instability in the form of landslides and/or the bare rock faces, called headwall scarps, left behind after the landslide has occurred. We found spectacular examples of both these features during our dives.

April 25

April 25: Who are the Gadiformes and Why Should We Study Them?

Fishes of the order Gadiformes (e.g., cods, hakes, rattails and their allies) inhabit cool waters in every ocean of the world and are the targets of some of the most important commercial fisheries.

April 23

April 23: Vigilancia Profundo: El Equipo de los Vehículos Submarinos

Saludos desde el barco Okeanos Explorer, que en este momento está explorando  los aguas abisales alrededor de Puerto Rico. Yo soy uno de los diseñadores y ingenieros de los vehículos submarinos que estan instalados en este barco.

April 19

April 19: Okeanos Explorer Data Management Download

An expedition can generate about a dozen terabytes of information. And all of this data has to go through our system on the ship, formatting and organizing everything so that it can be used easily by scientists on shore, as they work with the shipboard scientists to plan and direct ROV dives.

April 16

April 16: Ecology and Geology of the Mona Passage Region – The View from D2 and Seirios

The Mona Passage region encompasses the area between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, from the Puerto Rico Trench to the Muertos Trough. It includes Mona Canyon, Mona Seamount/Block, and the Mona Passage.

April 15

April 15: Océano Profundo - Exploración Marina Alrededor de Puerto Rico e Islas Vírgenes Desde el Barco Okeanos Explorer de NOAA

El trabajo que se llevó a cabo en  el Pasaje de la Mona al oeste de Puerto Rico fue todo un éxito; también lo han sido las exploraciones a mayor profundidad.

April 15

April 15: A Day in the Life of a Watch Standing Bridge Officer

Read how the duties of a bridge officer span out across a typical day at sea.

April 13

April 13: Animals of the Deep Sea

So far we have seen some pretty fantastic animals during Océano Profundo 2015. The deep ocean is full of weirdly fantastic fauna – organisms that often seem strange and foreign to us.

April 10

April 10: Cruise Planning 101

The first ideas for the Océano Profundo 2015 expedition trace their roots back to 2011, when the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, in partnership with the Institute for Exploration, hosted a workshop on Systematic Telepresence-Enabled Exploration in the Atlantic Basin.

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