31 Dives of Halloween

It’s October. The days are getting shorter and cooler, leaves are changing colors and starting to fall, a new fiscal year has begun for the federal government, and Halloween is just around the corner. To celebrate this haunting holiday, we’ve gathered some of our favorite spooktacular finds from the deep ocean. We’ll reveal a new one each day, so be sure to check back often or follow us on social media to see what we uncover next!

Of course, if we’re creepin’ it real, while the depths of the ocean may be dark, cold, and mysterious to us, this enormous habitat is more fascinating than it is scary. And the deep ocean and the boo-tiful animals that live there are critical parts of our planet’s ecosystem. The more we explore, the better we can unlock the secrets of this eerie-sistible underwater realm, allowing us to more effectively manage and protect its resources... and there’s nothing frightening about that!

Happy Halloween, explorers!


Halloween Moon
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