Other Resources and Links

A list of other resources and links related to this expedition for you to explore.

Minerals Management Service Web site.

"Chemosynthetic Communities in the Gulf of Mexico" teaching guide to accompany a poster with the same title, introducing the topic of chemosynthetic communities and other ecological concepts to middle and high school students.

Kids Page on the Minerals Management Service Web site, with posters, teaching guides and other resources on various marine science topics.

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Resource Guide from the Consortium for Oceanographic Activities for Students and Teachers, containing modules, guides, and lesson plans covering topics related to oceanography and coastal processes.

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Web site for The Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence: Central Gulf of Mexico (COSEE-CGOM)

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Article ‘Out of Gas: Sediments in Northern Gulf of Mexico Not Right for Methane Gas Hydrate Formation, Study Shows’ published by Georgia Research Tech News, 21 Mar 2005.

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‘Ice That Burns,’ article on potential benefits and hazards from methane hydrates, from Georgia Institute of Technology.