Part Four - Special Features

Onsite Professional Development

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Let’s now go back to the main education pages. Notice we are back to the Ocean Explorer header.

NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research works in partnership with many facilities and organizations around the country to provide both onsite and online professional development opportunities for teachers. These offerings are designed to introduce educators to premiere ocean science explorers and their research and explorations, and at the same time, provide exemplary tools and resources to engage students in ocean exploration by bringing the classroom closer to the ocean than it has ever been before.

Click on Onsite Professional Development for a list of upcoming workshops at our Education Alliance partner sites around the country.

Click on Online Professional Development for information on upcoming online courses and workshops.

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Also accessible from the right hand list on the Education page is the OceanAGE Careers page. Click here.

OceanAGE Career Profiles

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This page provides links to a variety of individuals and their ocean oriented careers. Here web visitors will discover many talented explorers who study the ocean world. From underwater pilots to research scientists, these marine mentors provide students with first-hand knowledge of exciting careers through interviews, profiles, mission logs and much, much more...

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The For Fun section, the last in the links in the bar across the top of the page, provides Web site visitors with a few fun puzzles to test their ocean science knowledge.

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Recall earlier we mentioned the that the most popular features of our Web site are in section links in the center of the home page.

You can also get to the main Education page using the link at the center left. Direct links to specific education items are available in the green column for quick navigation.

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And, you can travel to the most recent expeditions through the Explorations link in the center of the page.

Notice that beyond the many expeditions that Ocean Exploration hosts each year, there are new ones associated with the new NOAA Ship, the Okeanos Explorer. The Ship’s maiden voyage was a cooperative expedition between the US and Indonesia to explore unknown regions of the ocean surrounding Indonesia. This was called the INDEX-SATAL 2010 expedition. This acronym stands for the Indonesia-USA Deep-Sea Exploration of the Sangihe-Talaud Region.

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The INDEX 2010 expedition featured a number of firsts for NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research.

  • it was the maiden voyage of NOAA ship Okeanos Explorer;
  • it was the first joint Indonesia-USA ocean exploration expedition, and;
  • it was the first joint international mission with two ships sending live video to scientists in Exploration Command Centers ashore.

Be sure to visit the site for more exciting explorations for the Okeanos Explorer in the future!

Ocean Explorer Social Media: Flickr, Twitter, Youtube

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Lastly, be sure to visit the links in the Special Features column on the Ocean Exploration home page. Here you will find highlights of exciting videos and photos from our most recent expeditions, along with links to upcoming teacher professional development opportunities.

Ocean Exploration has its own You-Tube channel; we can be found on Twitter and Flickr; and you can sign up to receive RSS Feeds and Pod casts with information on recent explorations and discoveries.

As technology continues to advance there are sure to be new ways of exploring the ocean online.

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NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research is proud to provide a dynamic, constantly changing Web site for you to incorporate into your teaching. We hope you will dive in often and come explore along with us!


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