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Annual Report 2014

Advancing NOAA and the nation.

A message from our executive director

Ocean Exploration Benefits NOAA and the Nation


Okeanos ROV preparation
Chapter One

Advancing NOAA and National Goals

NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research works closely with other parts of NOAA and national and international partners to plan and undertake ocean expeditions and projects that highly leverage resources to maximize return on investment of public funds, while advancing the goals of NOAA, partners and the nation.

Chapter Two

America's Ship for Ocean Exploration

NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer is the only federal vessel that systematically explores the ocean to collect deep-ocean baseline environmental intelligence.

Okeanos ROV technology
Chapter Three

Advancing Technology

Technology to support deep-ocean exploration, research and information collection has steadily improved but greater improvements are needed to significantly increase the pace, effectiveness and scope of understanding our ocean world.

Science lead Scott France and Assistant Scientist Susan Schur in Okeanos control room
Chapter Four

Information Delivery

A hallmark of OER is fast and accurate information delivery. OER’s open data practices enable adaptive operational management and catalyze innovation and research by others. Effective and efficient data management systems interconnect OER’s data acquisition and delivery systems, optimize data stewardship procedures and embrace the administration’s Open Data Initiatives for easy access to useable data.

Two scientists use telepresence technology to watch live broadcast of Gulf of Mexico expedition
Chapter Five

Advancing Knowledge

For more than a decade, the mission of NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, formerly the Office of Ocean Exploration, has been to explore, discover and advance knowledge by obtaining and sharing ocean information of high value with a variety of audiences.

Chapter Six

The Course Ahead

In 2015, OER will investigate ocean areas in the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean, initiate the first U.S. network to monitor marine biodiversity at scales ranging from microbes to whales and enhance ecosystem observation programs by integrating genome-enabled techniques and technologies into the California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI).

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