This video highlights Team Twilight Zone (TZ) on their second deep dive (200 feet/60.9 meters deep on Trimix). Team TZ descend in unison down to target depth to perform video transects (Michael Lesser), deploy temperature loggers (Marc Slattery and Elizabeth Kintzing) and collecting biological samples (Marc Slattery and Elizabeth Kintzing). The temperature probes will record water temperature over the span of one year to see how the water column temperature varies with depth and provide insight into this unique environment. Ninety percent of this video is taken without lights or strobes where you can see that there is enough light to see the steep slope and drop off of the reef wall. At depth, Michael Lesser provided the colorful footage using his video camera equipped with high intensity discharge (HID) lights, that allows us to see the vibrant colors of the different corals and sponges at depth. Video courtesy of of the Twilight Zone Expedition Team 2007, NOAA-OE.

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