Exploration Route on Western Massif

This is a 3-dimensional image derived from bathymetric data. On the first dive of this expedition, IFE ROVs Hercules and Argus, traveled along the Western Massif which is located about 100 km west of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge spreading center. The geological morphology, rock types and structures are similar to those of the Atlantis Massif where Lost City is located. The parallel ridges or corregation along the top surface is believed to mark a large fault zone. The deep blue area in the front is the Atlantis Fracture Zone. The large scooped shape area just below the dive track may be the result of a huge landslide. The entire Western Massif shown is approximately 20 km across. The deepest areas (purple) are about 5000 meters deep and the red areas are 1500 meters below sea level. This is comparable in breadth and height to a mountain like Mt. Rainier. Image Courtesycompiled from bathymetric data by Deb Glickson.

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