Map showing the locations of Bear, Kelvin and Manning seamounts

Map showing the locations of Bear, Kelvin and Manning seamounts. Click image for larger view.

Mountains in the Sea

July 11 - July 19, 2003

This summer, with the help of the Alvin submersible, a multidisciplinary team of scientists and educators visited several little known seamounts in the North Atlantic, along with at least one previously unexplored seamount, to study various aspects of deep-sea octocorals and other organisms living on and around the seamounts.

The primary objective was to map, collect, and identify deepwater corals, fishes, and miscellaneous invertebrates from the seamounts, with special attention to whether corals are most abundant at the crest of the seamount and whether they form important habitat for other species, such as benthic fishes, when the corals are particularly abundant.

Background information for this exploration can be found on the left side of the page. Daily updates and more detailed logs and summaries of exploration activities are posted below and to the right.

Updates & Logs

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Mountains in the Sea Mission Summary The Mountains in the Sea cruise is complete! Read about the team's experience in the Mission Summary. camera icon View the Alvin discovery's on the New England Seamount chain. (mp4, 10.8 MB)

July 11 Log July 11 The 2003 Mountains in the Sea exploration has begun! Join the science party as they prepare to explore the New England Seamount chain.

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