Next generation tool team

NOAA scientists and Navy technicians responsible for at-sea operations. From left to right are Mike Farnam, Dr. Lloyd Huff, Debbie Nebenzahl, Dr. Bob McConnaughey, Terry Sample, and Brian Bunge. Missing is Tim Jamison. Mike, Brian and Tim are side scan sonar and navigation specialists with the Navy’s Naval Undersea Warfare Center (Keyport, WA), Lloyd is a NOAA hydrographer specializing in acoustic instruments and currently assigned to the UNH-NOAA Center for Coastal Ocean Mapping/Joint Hydrographic Center (Durham, NH), while Debbie, Bob, and Terry are NOAA fishery scientists stationed at the Alaska Fisheries Science Center (Seattle, WA). Also missing in the photo are the six commercial fishers and the freelance video technician that made substantial contributions to the field effort

The project also receives technical support from its multidisciplinary shore-based partners who are world leaders in their fields, including the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Institute for Marine Studies in Fairbanks, Alaska (Dr. Stephen Jewett and Dr. Sathy Naidu) and the UNH-NOAA Center for Coastal Ocean Mapping/Joint Hydrographic Center in Durham, NH (Dr. Larry Mayer and CAPT. Andy Armstrong). Their responsibilities include electronic system integration and calibration, infauna sample processing and surficial sediment analyses, side scan sonar and swath bathymetry data processing, and development of innovative side scan sonar applications/analyses. Image courtesy of Next Generation Tools 2001, NOAA-OER.

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