Transcript from "Making Ocean Exploration More Accessible, Affordable, & Awesome: A Tweet Chat"

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our Tweet Chat with David Lang on June 19. David talked about developing tools that will allow ANYONE to explore the depths of the ocean. In case you missed it, we've copied the transcript from the conversation below (with Twitter user names removed).



Hello! Welcome to our Tweet Chat on making ocean exploration a possibility for everyone. #OE2020

Today we are joined by David Lang, Eric Stackpole, & Colin Ho of @OpenROV. #OE2020

@OpenROV is an open-source underwater robot that anyone can buy a kit to assemble and then being exploring. #OE2020

@OpenROV is also a global community of DIY ocean explorers working, tinkering, &  improving the design. #OE2020

To participate, please submit your questions and comments using the #OE2020 hashtag. We will answer as many as we can.

Q1: David, how can we get @OpenROV hardware into the hands of as many students as possible? #OE2020

A1: Easy-to-use curriculum. Educators working on it. Having remote Internet control for schools that can’t make it out. #OE2020

A1: Also, institutional funding wouldn't hurt. :) #OE2020

Other DIY tools for ocean exploration, like the #OpenCTD project, will help get more people out exploring. #OE2020

Q2: how deep can the ROVs go? Are there temperature limits/can they be used under ice? #OE2020

A2: Designed to go to 100 m – pressure-tested at this depth. Deepest dive to 20 m. #OE2020

A2: Don't know upper temp limits; for lower temps, any water colder than freezing is ice. Yes, can be used under ice. #OE2020

Q3: Any discussions on an @OpenROV #OpenCTD mashup? #OE2020

A3: Yes! Check out … #OE2020

Question from @OpenROV for you: What would YOU explore if you could go anywhere with an OpenROV? #OE2020

Q4: what do you use to control the system while it is underwater? #OE2020

A4: Just need a laptop…ROV hosts web server, so you just need to log in! Then use a game pad controller or keyboard. #OE2020

Q5: What is your vision for citizen science? Where do you see open source projects like this 2020? #OE2020

A5: This is just the beginning. Future of ocean exploration is anyone can participate…tools getting better, cheaper... #OE2020

A5: …anyone will have access via Internet. Barriers continue to drop...more people will participate, not just watch. #OE2020

What does "citizen science" mean to you? For @OpenROV, it's that anyone w/ an Internet connection can become an amateur explorer. #OE2020

Q6: What about the idea of gamifying it like Digital Fishers or SeaFloor Explorer meets MATE Competition? #OE2020

A6: More like Jacques Cousteau meets Wikipedia… #OE2020

Q7: Bioblitzes - Open ROV meets @REEF_org /@ReefCheck #OE2020

A7: Great idea! @REEF_org /@ReefCheck shown what's possible w/ citizen science. Imagine if we had more eyes in the water! #OE2020

Great questions, folks! We've got about 10 mins in our chat w/ @OpenROV. What do YOU want to know? #OE2020

That ends our Tweet Chat. Always feel free to tweet questions to @OpenROV – they’re always around & willing to help. #OE2020

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Making Ocean Exploration More Accessible, Affordable, & Awesome: A Tweet Chat


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