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A collection of images from deployment of the Eye-in-the-Sea (EITS) during the Deep Scope 2005 expedition:

A large squid sped by for a tantalizingly quick view in front of the camera. This may be the same type of squid we saw in the Deep Scope 2004 EITS footage. This squid is so new to science it has yet to even be placed in a family classification. A large shark, possibly a six-gill. A hagfish. Cancer crabs, Chaceon quinquedens, eating the bait tied to the frame of the EITS system, with an unidentified shark swimming by. The flashing lights are from the "e-jelly" attached to the EITS frame. The lights mimic the bioluminescent flash pattern of a jellyfish, attracting some predators in front of the camera. Video footage courtesy of Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute.

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