Bathymetry data collected at the Mariana Arc

This image shows much of the bathymetry data collected on the Ocean Exploration Submarine Ring of Fire Expedition at the Mariana Arc. The magenta stars indicate submarine volcanoes where evidence of hydrothermal activity was found. The volcanoes were mapped in high resolution, and sampled with the CTD, indicated by the black circles on the tracklines. The blue boxes represent the location of the hydrophones deployed on the cruise. The red line represents the location of the back-arc spreading cener. The back-arc spreading center data were provided by Fernando Martinez from: F. Martinez and B. Taylor 2003 (in press). Controls on back-arc crustal accretion: Insights from the Lau, Manus and Mariana basins in: Intra-Oceanic Subduction Systems: Tectonic and Magmatic Processes. Geological Society of London Special Publications.

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