Research Vessel Ka`imikai-o-Kanaloa

R/V Ka`imikai-o-Kanaloa

Meet the research vessel (R/V) Ka’imikai-o-Kanaloa (KoK). Designed to operate in coastal and blue-water areas, KoK is specifically configured to support the University of Hawaii’s manned submersibles, Pisces-V and Pisces-IV, as well as other remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

Science and Research Support

Hangar on the R/V Ka`imikai-o-Kanaloa used to house and prepare the Pisces IV and Pisces V submersibles.

Hangar on the R/V Ka`imikai-o-Kanaloa used to house and prepare the Pisces IV and Pisces V submersibles.

The KoK is well equipped for a range of general oceanographic research operations. A SeaBeam bathymetric mapping system is capable of charting the seafloor to depths of 11 kilometers. The vessel also has an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler to measure profiles of water velocity relative to the ship, a Conductivity-Temperature-Depth system to measuring seawater parameters such as salinity and temperature, and an uncontaminated seawater system.

Four laboratories are available for use on the ship: a rock lab for the storage and analysis of solid samples recovered from the ocean, a wet lab for chemical sample analyses, a clean lab, and a dry lab.

The KoK’s large, moveable A-Frame; trawl winch; and CTD winch allow for the launching of scientific equipment, such as the Pisces submersibles and other ROVs,  permitting a variety of oceanographic operations to be conducted at sea.

Navigation and Communication Systems

The KoK is equipped with a Trimble NAVTRAC in the bridge and Ashtech in the main lab. Both of these systems can receive Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) signals. Vessel communications include HF (SSB) and VHF radios, INMARSAT-C satellite communications and Internet, and cellular phone.

Owned and operatred by the University of Hawaii, at 223 feet, the KoK displaces 1,961 tons and can accommodate up to 13 crew and 19 scientists. The KoK can remain at sea for 50 days with a full crew and science party, cruising at a maximum speed of 11 knots.

In Hawaiian, Ka`imikai-o-Kanaloa means, “Heavenly Searcher of the Sea.”


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