Transit to Honolulu
July 30 - August 1, 2017

After completing our final remotely operated vehicle (ROV) dive on July 29, the ship spent the night completing mapping coverage of the seamount we dove on and then started her more than 600 nautical mile journey back to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The mapping team has been busy during our three-day return transit, acquiring and processing multibeam sonar data of the seafloor and water column, subbottom profiler data beneath the seafloor, and EK60 single beam fisheries sonar data. The ROV team is preparing equipment and systems for the time they aren’t being used in between ROV cruises, working on data products, and updating standard operating procedures. Others on the mission team will be busy finalizing datasets, compiling end-of-cruise products, developing reports, and troubleshooting issues that could not be addressed during the cruise. We are nearing completion of the longest cruise of the year and all onboard are looking forward to wrapping up the expedition, getting back to land, and enjoying some well-earned time off.