Dive 06: "Keli" Ridge
July 18, 2017
Access Dive Summary and ROV Data

Out at sea, some days are better than others. Today was one of the more challenging days. We had a delayed start to remotely operated vehicle (ROV) deployment as a squall passed over. After safely getting the vehicles in the water and doing the pre-dive briefing, the onboard team conducted a live interaction with guests at the Exploration Command Center in Silver Spring, Maryland. Once the ROV arrived on bottom, science operations commenced. However during the first hour, the live video feeds to shore went down. Technicians at sea and on shore quickly rallied to troubleshoot and resolve the issue and successfully brought the feeds online within a few hours. Just as the video feeds were brought online, a separate issue caused a loss of power and communication to the vehicles, resulting in immediate cancellation of the dive and vehicle recovery. Once the vehicles were safely recovered, the engineering team spent the night troubleshooting and repairing the vehicles. The team will spent the remainder of the day and night mapping a seamount to the west of “Keli” Ridge.