Dive 07
July 15, 2013
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An octopus makes his way along the seafloor; note the siphon that is out and then retracted. Seen while exploring the western wall of Atlantis Canyon. Video courtesy of the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, Northeast U.S. Canyons Expedition 2013. Download video (mp4, 3.9 MB).

Dive 07 was conducted along the western wall of Atlantis Canyon to characterize benthic biodiversity and habitats as well as collect information about canyon geomorphology. The remotely operated vehicle (ROV) reached a soft sedimented seafloor consisting of fine grain silt/mud at 1,101 meters and hosting numerous burrows and a prevalence of grenadier fish, cutthroat eels, and red crab. The ROV moved over the soft sediment and approached the base of a stratified and heavily bored vertical wall with cup coral rubble scattered around the base. Sessile fauna (stationary animals) were prevalent under one ledge, including corals, bivalves, and a seastar. Squat lobsters were observed inhabiting the branches of both soft and hard corals, and squid eggs were seen in a glass sponge. The ROV continued moving up slope, noting another large vertical wall colonized with bivalves, black corals, and stony corals, but few sessile invertebrates (animals without backbones). The ROV then transited from the face of the vertical wall to move back down slope. At 1,100 meters, we traversed over soft sediment with scattered rock outcrops colonized with sessile sponge and coral fauna. The ROV moved laterally along a vertical wall hosting few animals as it approached the next waypoint. At 1,033 meters, several species of corals, including bamboo and cup corals were noted growing under a ledge, and a rare sighting of a king crab. Moving upslope from 1,010 meters, the ROV transited over soft sediment on a steep slope (~60 degrees) containing several burrows with red crabs, squat lobsters and little sessile fauna. Cutthroat eels, fish including hake and grenadiers, and a few octopi were documented at the end of the dive. The dive concluded at 885 meters.