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The Web links below are provided for informational purposes only. Links outside of Ocean Explorer have been checked at the time of this page's publication, but the linking sites may become outdated or non-operational over time.

Web site for the Mid-Cayman Rise 2011 expedition - Resource Link.

Web page for the Okeanos Explorer Education Materials Collection - Resource Link.

A free printable book for home and school use introduced in 2004 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of NOAA; nearly 200 pages of lessons focusing on the exploration, understanding, and protection of Earth as a whole system - Resource Link.

National Geographic Xpeditions lesson plan, We’re in Hot Water Now: Hydrothermal Vents, includes links to National Geographic magazine articles and video with an emphasis on geography and geographic skills - Resource Link exit icon. External Link

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s Dive and Discover Web site about hydrothermal vents includes details about vent formation, education resources, and the story of the discovery of the first hydrothermal vent in 1977 - Resource Link exit icon. External Link

NOAA Fact Sheet about Okeanos Explorer - Resource Link.

Okeanos Explorer Atlas, which provides a portal to information and data from Okeanos Explorer cruises - Resource Link.

Baker, E.T., and C.R. German (2004): "On the global distribution of hydrothermal vent fields". In Mid-Ocean Ridges: Hydrothermal interactions between the lithosphere and oceans, Geophysical Monograph Series, Vol. 148, C.R. German, J. Lin, and L.M. Parson (eds.), AGU, 245-266 - Resource Link exit icon. External Link

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Proskurowski, G., M. D. Lilley, J. S. Seewald, G. L. Fruh-Green, E. J. Olson, J. E. Lupton, S. P. Sylva, D. S. Kelley. 2008. "Abiogenic Hydrocarbon Production at Lost City Hydrothermal Field". Science 319:604-607.


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