NOAA Ocean Explorer - My Submarine  

My Submarine Ocean Explorer

Brought to you by: NOAA Office of Exploration and The College of Exploration
Launch Year: 2010
Song: Explore the Oceans

Welcome to the My Submarine Ocean Explorer for kids! Calling all children who want to learn about the ocean and it's environment. Take a journey inside your own submarine and explore the oceans.

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This interactive exploring tool provides a learning environment but also engages the audience. The submarine has videos, images, animations, and interactive elements to engage while also teaching. Once inside the submarine, you can scroll through the creatures and features on the right menu panel or pick one from the expeditions map on the left panel. There is a total of 20 creatures and features to explore from ships, vents, volcano's, animals and places around the world. The content is designed for children to explore but yet has all the materials for teachers and older students to download, print and use for book reports and research. Take a journey now and view, listen, read and interact with your very own submarine explorer.

Students, Parents and Teachers:
There are PDF documents with all the relavent content linked inside the Flash application which you can use to print or use for book reports and reference material.

*Before you begin please read the system requirements and recommendations. Flash 9 or higher required, best viewed with browser full screen or maximized, 16bit or higher recommended, resolution 1024x768 or higher recommended. Sound card and speakers are required to hear the audio. Adobe PDF reader will be required to view PDF documents.