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Video shows view of ocean going by as if you were leaning out over the deck of a moving ship or boat. The words "Channel Islands Sanctuary Quest" appear on screen and the scene changes to a view of a ship coming towards you. The next series of scenes show a small ROV being launched, a view of the ROV underwater, scientists working the ROV on a ship's hoist, and the computer screen showing ROV input. The video ends with the ROV speeding away, then arriving at an archeological site with small fish in view.

Voice: We can explore the ocean without actually being in it. We use underwater robots to do it for us. They are called ROVs, which stands for "remotely operated vehicles." We put the ROVs in the ocean and control them from a ship by using a remote control. ROVs can take pictures or videos and scientists can see the images on a screen in the ship. The ROV can even scoop up animals or sand with its robotic arms. ROVs can be small, about the size of your computer, or quite large, the size of a truck. If you are really good at video games, maybe you could grow up to be an ROV operator exploring the ocean!