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Video shows Alvin suspended in hoist on a ship's rear deck with the words "Alvin Submersible: the Launch" over top of the image. Video fades to Alvin moving along hoist and rail system to rear of the ship's deck. Then it is lifted off the deck and placed down in the water. The ship is moving slowly forward as Alvin is launched.

Voice: Alvin is a deep sea submersible. That means it's a vessel that can go deep into the water so we can study the ocean. Alvin can hold two scientists and a pilot. It can dive almost three miles down into the depths and the passengers never even get wet! A dive in Alvin can last up to six hours so scientists pack a lunch and some snacks. It can also be very cold in the submersible, so passengers dress in warm clothes for their journey. Alvin has two machine arms which can lift very heavy objects. It also has three small windows called portholes so passengers can watch their deep sea surroundings. Alvin doesn't move very quickly through the water. You could actually run faster then Alvin can go.