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Video shows polar bear swimming to and climbing up on ice shore then running out on to the ice away from the camera. A night view camera shows a polar bear rolling and rubbing his side on an ice block. The words "night camera" appear on screen.

Voice: Can you imagine hibernating for months at a time without eating or using the bathroom? That's what polar bears do! They live in the Arctic near the North Pole. They have thick white fur and lots of fat that help them stay warm in very cold temperatures. Polar bears are excellent swimmers! They doggie paddle faster than most humans can walk! Polar bears hang out on ice blocks keeping a lookout for their favorite food, seals, swimming in the water below. When scientists see polar bears, they keep a safe distance. Polar bears are not very friendly and they get scared. As the earth's climate gets warmer, the ice at the north pole is melting. If too much of the ice melts away, polar bears won't have a home any more and they might even go extinct.