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Video opens with the text "Florida Coast Deep Corals 2005; Mola Mola Ocean Sunfish," on a black background which fades to an underwater video of dark ocean floor. Camera moves over the floor and up until the camera light shows a mola mola. Video shows several shots of a single mola mola swimming in very dark water. It is a large, flat fish that appears to swim on it's side.

Voice: The ocean sunfish has a great scientific name that if fun to say, "mola mola." It's funny looking. It looks like a fish head with just a tail. The mola mola can grow to weigh more than a ton, or 2000 pounds. It eats mostly jellyfish and the mola needs to eat a lot of them because it is so big. Trash, especially plastic bags and balloons floating in the water can look like jellyfish and if the mola eats this trash, it can die. Mola mola can change their skin color to blend in and hide from predators. They can be found in every ocean of the world though they like to spend most of their time at more than 600 feet deep in the water. In Japan, people eat every part of the ocean sunfish.