World map showing location of the Okeanos Explorer at the time of this exploration

Okeanos Explorer

What does the word “Okeanos” mean?
It’s a Greek word meaning “ocean.” Okeanos Explorer is America’s first and only ship dedicated with solely for the purpose of exploring our ocean. Why should we explore the ocean? All life on earth depends on it. The ocean provides oxygen, food, energy, and transportation. Yet, we have never explored 95% of our ocean. We don’t yet know all the mysteries that the water environment holds.

The Okeanos has the newest technologies that are used to map the seafloor. Up to 46 people can work on the Okeanos Explorer at one time. These may include scientists, ship’s crew, journalists, educators, and others who are part of the expeditions. The Okeanos Explorer will be visiting parts of the world’s ocean that have never been explored.

Missions on the Okeanos Explorer will have most of the scientists remaining ashore. How is this possible? The big white ball on the top of the ship is a satellite dome, and will allow the scientists and crew on board to share their voyage with people on shore. People on land can watch a monitor that shows exactly what the scientists on the ship are seeing, but they can sit in their classrooms, newsrooms, and living rooms. They can also talk to the scientists out at sea. Someday you may be able to virtually participate in an ocean exploration!