world map showing locations of items in menu
photo collage of images from submarine viewed topics covered in this presentation

Introduction to My Submarine Ocean Explorer

Welcome to My Submarine Ocean Explorer! Come see exciting creatures and features found in the ocean. You will see videos from NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research (NOAA OER) expeditions and you can find more information about the creatures and features in text and photos. Check out the maps and charts from NOAA explorations that show where the creatures and features were located. You can use the depth indicator to find out the depth where the creatures and features are typically found. You will observe the change in the darkness of the water through the sub window as the sub goes lower or higher. Listen to scientists talk about their ocean explorations and scientific research by clicking on the speaker phone on the sub console. You can even send an email postcard to a friend about your favorite creature. Have fun exploring!

For parents and teachers: Look for guides to each creature and feature that provide more details about NOAA OER expeditions and links to related educational materials and resources. Notice the ocean literacy brochure on the bottom left of the console screen, which describes essential ocean literacy principles and fundamental concepts that are important for everyone to know about the ocean. Thank you to NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research for funding the project.