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Richard Conway: Introduction

Hi. My name is Richard Conway. I’m the Chief Electronics Technician on the NOAA Ship Okeanos.

About Richard’s Job

I’m responsible for all the electronics on the ship that’s non-propulsion related. And there’s five systems on the ship. There’s navigation, communication, scientific, network, and entertainment. And navigation is the radar, GPS, it keeps our location. Communications are the radios, our emergency distress radios, and our phone system. Network is the computers, including the VSAT; VSAT’s considered part of the network. Scientific is our sensors that gather data, our multibeam, our meteorological sensors. And then entertainment is the TV, the VCRs, and the DVD players.

Job Requirements

I travel where the ship is. My normal job involves a rotation, so if the ship was in Hawaii, I would go to Hawaii; if it was on the East Coast, I would go to the East Coast; and if it was up in Alaska, I would go to Alaska. So that’s my travel.

The educational requirements of the job is technical school, on-the-job training, military training, some college is good to have, but basically technical school.

The salary range for this particular job, it starts down as low as $40,000, but you can go up from there depending on what type of job it is, what your responsibilities are, the type of equipment. It’s a supply and demand sort of job.

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