Dr. Charlie Loeffler: Other Opportunities

What else could someone with your background do?

It’s really a lot of things. I’ve taught in the University, I suspect I could teach in private schools and high schools and junior high schools. Friends of mine have developed special real small blood pressure monitoring devices that people can carry on their body 24 hours a day. A group of my acquaintances actually designed the original Texas Instruments “Speak & Spell” which was one of the first electronic toys that talked. I have some friends that work analyzing stocks to help investors. I have a friend that changed and ran a kayak shop. So, really, the education is science-based and engineering-based and you can really apply a lot of different places.

Looking back, was there anything you would have done differently in your education or career journey?

No, I don’t think really -- I was lucky to have the opportunities I had. I did work hard to get through many of them. If anything, there are times people tried to teach me some stuff that I ignored and wish I now knew them. And there are quite a few things that I wish I had practiced more and mastered them so I could apply them better today.


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