Dr. Charlie Loeffler: Personal Rewards

What is the most fascinating thing you have ever seen or done?

I am intrigued with the work in general but very recently this work with this sonar and this system has been wonderful in that every time we have gone some place, the maps we get back reveal sections of the sea floor or the lake floor that really probably, nobody has ever seen on this scale.
So you stand there and you look and you wonder what is that thing you see? What is that clump of rock? Or we think maybe we’ve seen scrapings of glaciers out here and that’s somewhat mind-boggling to think about, actually.

What are the personal reward of your work?

My father wanted me to contribute to society and I think we are. Most of my work really is for the U.S. Navy and we right now send18-year-old men and women to do very dangerous things in this world. I think our lab is really contributing to making that job safer for them and quicker.


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