Kristin Laidre: Working with the People of Greenland

Well there are two things I like most - I very much like the nature it is fantastic unexplored wild nature that not many people have seen. So I like being in a rural area and seeing beautiful sites. Another thing I like very much is working with the people of Greenland. Itís a very interesting culture and the people are some of the nicest most skilled humans I have ever met.

Actually my job would not be possible without the people of Greenland. There are about 60,000 people that live in West Greenland and different towns along the coast. When I fly into a town and set up a field camp I very much like to hire as many of those people as I can because they're extremely skilled, extremely good scientists and biologists in their own right - and very fun to work with. We hire local people from the town and they come out and essentially work as our assistants, we have a good time and get a lot of really good work done.

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