Kristin Laidre : Challenges of Being in the Arctic

Out in the field in the high Arctic there are lots of things that you might have at home, that are not available to you. It can be in some since quite rough, You don't have access to a shower, or clean clothes, or sometimes a dry bed. Many of the foods you might like to eat are not available. Of course you are dealing with the weather so that can make things a little bit wild, but in the same breath living in a field camp or living in a boat in North Greenland is fantastic, you're out in the middle of nowhere, where you don't see people for days, weeks or even months. The nature and the wildlife that you see is not rivaled by any place south where people go to find their nature experience.

The primary challenge in the field would be the weather which in the Arctic is very unpredictable and very wild. We often have big storms and lots of wind and snow, rain and ice and everything you can think of. Other challenges include, especially when you are driving boats and using nets is too much sea ice, or big ice burgs coming by and blocking things or getting into the nets. Finally another challenge is just finding the animals and making sure they are near your site.

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